Sunny Days, Sunny Looks

Hey Guys!

I hope all is going great with all of you and you are keeping yourself busy, safe and motivated so far.

In this post I wanna share a casual look that I wore last weekend since it was very sunny, warm and it was a must to go out in all this crazyness going on.

As I commented on my last post, here in Berlin we are allowed to go out. So I take the chance every day I can always keeping social distance and care.

The main garment was the sweater so and I had to build my look around it. At the beginning I thought of something more safe, like black jeans and chelsea boots but I decided to go more "summerish" and took my riped short jeans and my chucks and the result was a hit !

Of course I had to give a bit of this hipsterish/coachella look a turn so why not a hat to make it look more boho? Hit again !

And as you guys know and have probably seen on my posts what defines my looks are my obsesion per bags so I picked this CK shoulder bag that deffinetly highlight the look ! #manpurse power !

I hope you guys like the look and hit me up for further inspo !

Take care and stay safe !

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