Mallorca. Holidays 2020!


Welcome back to a new adventure!

This summer because of Corona Virus, traveling abroad to another continent was quite tough (and also because of my small injury) so we decided to travel to Mallorca, a very cool island located in the Mediterranean sea. We had a very good friend living there so it was easier to move around the island and so the accommodation was much cheaper :P

I had never been to Mallorca before for tourism and must say that I was very impressed! We drove from north to south and east to check all beautiful beaches and "Calas". We are were so impressed by how clean and clear the water was, how those ocean colors merged and how "unbusy" it was. Lucky us.

My fav Cala so far was Cala Carbo close to Pollensa & north located. Very clean, not busy but also not very easy to acces or comfortable to lay down, but 100% worth it!

One day we also decided to spend the morning sailing - much fun and recommendable too!

Small town of L´Alcudia also was pretty nice to discover. Better to go during the sunset since in the morning or midday can be very hot.

If you are willing to visit soon dont hesitage to contact me for further info!

See you next post!

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