Hey People! 

Hope you all good.

In this post just want to share with you one of my fav looks for the summer and why I decided to wear it on this event.

Let me say the Kimono I had it for already 2 seasons and its from Zara and honestly I have not been able to find a similar one.

As you see in the pictures on this day (I remember it was august) I went to see a show at the Berlin FriedrischStadt-Palast called VIVID

Such an amazing show filled with exotic colors, shapes, dancers, performances, stage and music. A must if you ever visit Berlin and like this type of events.

As I already had been in the Palast before to see another show, I kind of knew what was it about. Very elegant but up for all type of people. So my thoughts were as: Why not going in a very chick linen pants and top it up with my linen Kimono, match it with my canvas Converse and why not (its summer) take courage to go shirtless beneath and show off a bit my sun kissed chest?

So obviously I did and no jokes i got many compliments about it. :)

Hope you guys like the look and remember thats fashion is whatever makes su happy, confident and proud !

See you next post !

Total Look - Zara

Man clutch - Zara

Sneakers - Converse 

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