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HI Guys !

I can´t just be more happy to have a small collaboration with Jorge from

He is so talented and has re-created the best illustration of me ! I have never been illustrated before and I am just so excited for it.

Let me tell you the story.

He actually had a giveaway a contest on his Instagram stories @jorge_vv and I decided to gibve a try and participate on it and lucky me I was one of the winners!

After he announced I was one of the winner we have a small chat and I send him 2-3 options of pictures I would like him to do the draw of.

After 2 days, only 2 days he sent me this beauty illustartion and I couldn´t believe how perfect and similar to me it was !

I can just recommend you, if you ever wanna have a nice and realistic illustration of yourself or just want to give somebody of your beloved ones a nice small gift, to take a look at his work and contact him !

You will pleased and amazed by the results !

Here I let you guys see some of his works that I don´t forget to follow him on Instagram & @jorg_vv

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