Hi people.

Happy Quarantined Easter !

First of all I hope all you guys are good and safe! Health first !

Today its Easter and we have a long free weekend ahead. However we know we are living in some tough situation because of COVID-19 so the most important thing its to stay positive and busy.

Today I have decided to go for a ride with my bike since the weather and the day pushed me to. I used a casual look. Very springish and as we would say in Spain very "Pascuero" since Pascua means Easter - so basically its a combo of jeans and shirts/ pullies sneakers and brights and fun colors!

As you might know already im a TOP fan on handbags and my friends have tagged me as the #Manpurse guy. Love it actually

I took out this cool envelope shaped pouch from & Other Stories (sorry its from last season) and actually loved the matching with my look.

Coming back to the Covid-19 situation I know In some countries restrictions are more strict than in others. Here in Germany and in Berlin where I actually live in, we are allowed to go out. All shops, cafes, restaurants, cultural events have been shot down for a while so basically we can go to the parks and to do the grocery shopping.

So very cautious I go out during this days to enjoy the weather and just sit in the park, do some sports, get some tan, read a book or even have a small piknick with friends - always keeping the social distance and sanitazing our hands every time to time.

So I hope you guys like the looks and get inspired for this days !

See you soon and keep safe !

Pullie - #HM

Jeans - #JackJones

White denim Jacket - Jack&Jones

Pouch - #OtherStories

Shoes - #Converse