Denia, Tropical Spot

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Hey people!

Hope you are all good and enjoying these days.

Finally summer it's here and despite who says they don't like this time of the year, ITS THE BEST! Sun, friends, beach, breeze, drinks, sunsets ... I'm in love.

So as you might already know I'm back in Spain at my lovely hometown Dénia where, despite my foot injury I had the chance to enjoy my time here.

As I live very close to the sea I used to walk every by the beach and I found this nice spot where I could relax a bit, read this funny book and take a swim (not to mention to take some pictures)

It was very funny how these pictures turned out to because they actually look like they were taken in some Tropical Caribbean countries like Cuba or Jamaica but not, it's my beloved Dénia!

I really recommend visiting this part of the country (from north to south) and specially Denia and its surroundings since there are many sea sights, natural parks, restaurants, gastronomy and many things to do during the summer season.

Let me know if you are interested in visiting Dénia and I'm sure I can find a perfect guide for your needs with the best tips and locations!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Location - Las Marinas Beach - Dénia

Swimwear - Adidas

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