Cozy & #GlasSmoothie

Hello people !

Sharing my lifestyle means basically daily basis and my routine. Here I will show what I do, I like or just random nice inspiring stuff

Today was one of this cozy stay-home days (despite Covid-19). I love my place because it has plenty light, I have got my cute and seasonal bed sheets, my lovely plants and my obsession for pillows.

I decided to get in my comfy home wear and make myself one of my favorite snacks for breakfast: My avocado #GlassMoothie - What I love the most of the mornings its to wake up and make breakfast and eat it !

This new idea of smoothie came because one day I run out of my bowls (since they broke down) and I really wanted to have a bowl so I decided why not to use a glass of wine? So that was the result.

I love how fancy it looks and also fits the right amount of granola, fruits, seeds etc etc and most important: how yummy it is !

This time I used as usual as a base - Avocado and Oats milk. I blended out in the blender and then started to do some layers of granola oats, then the base of avocado and then top it with banana, dark chocolate, sesame & chia seeds, nuts, mint and some honey. Absolutely amazing.

I encourage you to try this #GlassMoothie at home and as I always say, if you need some help let me know and I will be happy to share info with you guys !

Enjoy your days !!

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